AU Meme: Annoying the shit out of each other.


Get ready to run. See Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner, September 19.


i’m just an unattractive and really sad person who uses bands and tv shows to fill the void i feel in my heart


justinbieber: Mobbin through the streets #saintlaurent

Every hour, a supernatural teen gets hunted down and murdered. But thanks to donors like you, three thousand sexy teens were rescued last year. For hundreds of others, help never showed up. If you don’t call this number, you’re a murderer. 1-800-STOP-KILLING-SEXY-TEENS-YOU-GUYS.


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 


justinbieber: I accept, now I nominate @Theellenshow my main man President Barack Obama and @chrisdelia #alsicebucketchallenge

6:33am, 6:33pm.

justinbieber: Love youuuu

t h e m e